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Friday, March 30, 2012


"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want but the realization of how much you already have." ~Unknown~

whoever said the above is probably very happy with the  way life's treated em...and so am i...i love my life ...and the two most important people my life revolves around is u guys know who...well today was a day spent in our lil farm. with those two <my hubz and babe>..we took all the  goats out and cleaned up their place...hubby and baby cleaned up the chickens house...and then we played outside with our babe... soo much fun for having a four year old!! =) 

 < thats my daughter who loves wild life as much as her dad loves me=)...thats officially her goat she is pictured with...she feeds her with her own hands...and loves to caress that MS Goat Goddess. yup!! that goat is preggers!! so we are about to get a baby goat soonish!!

in the corner of the picture is the goat house!!! we have goats ...more females!! yay!! =) 

these days iam busy taking pictures all around our place...and one day i will place em here!!
we also have those two huge almond trees in our yard/land!!! 

so yea all in all we are truly very happy at where we are at the moment...we are totally blessed!!! everyday of my life i thank god for our blessings!!! for God showed us the rite path, bonded our relationship over the years of ups and downs, and loved us no matter what and fulfilled all of our dreams!! and for God gave us the best of parents and families!!!

any one else over the world feels blessed?!?!! dun ya forget to be thankful!!! and be happy alwaze!! <<tats me;I never forgot to laugh and smile<<and that is what keeps me going!!
Freedom!!! freedom!!! 

Here's hoping everyone is having a happy weekend!!! and dun forget April Fools Day is coming up!!!! 

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