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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A grand Vacation!!

if any one of you have been to Fiji Islands www.fijiislands.com then you have a idea of what paradise really looks and feels like....but unfortunately at the moment my home town www.­nadi-­fiji-­islands.­com is been thrashed  and destroyed by massive rain and floods!!! i hope and pray for my people and my country to be safe and please god stop those gust full of rains n winds!!!
the main purpose of our vacation was dis!! my one n only bros wedding!!!  in picture me my hubby n bro!
So we were in Fiji in January 2012 for a whole month with only a $1000 !!! and we had loads of fun!!  first part of the fun was my only brothers wedding!!!which happened on new years day!! watta nyce way to begin a married life huh=)

all the women he grew up with frm left:my mom, mygranny,and me!!
his wifey and my sis in law!!

the other parts of the fun were shopping, hikes, visiting the treasured zones,  one mystery island trip, warm and sunny beach evenings...it was humid hot while we were visiting yet it would rain cats and dogs every afternoon!!! ha! that didn't stop us from our adventures!!!
at one of the uncles farm!! hubby with his youngest uncle!

meeting old and best frens  frm high schools!!
and making of new frens!!
    chillaxing at the Garden of  the Sleeping Giants!!

at the Resorts!!

catchin those 5bucks Hindi movies
port denarau!!
baby gal enjoying a splash at the local rivers!!! near the villages!!
If you are in Fiji...u gotta try Mamas Pizza...drooling its the best pizza ever!!! its sooo yummylicious!!!!
we wer there like every other day!!! i have been loving that pizza place since high school!!! dun tell my family<<they are health freaks!!!;)
Btw dis was my first trip back home after getting hitched by my hubby in 2005!! so together we relieved our super golden days of 05 lolz although that was really something  else!!! if ya know wat me means ;)

the beautiful and mind blowing  places we banged for our dollars (oops sounds kinda corny ) follows:

*Wailoaloa/Newtown Beaches > nadi fiji (free with some snacks and foods costing around $10)
Natandola Beach ,Sigatoka!! 
*Kula Eco Park, Sigatoka, Fiji Is> i tink it was $23 for adults and half for kids( this place has some exotic flowers and birds of fiji and very nice long hikes)=$55
*Most of the known towns/cities for shopping and surviving(eating out): Nadi, Lautoka, Ba, Sigatoka, Suva. and mostly my Dad(step dad) very generous was also there from Sydney dropped us off at our destinations and picked us up later, he also got us from the airport ,and other times we just got the cabs/taxis or bus rides which is the cheapest!! we apent about $100 for the whole month on getting cabs and bus rides!! Plus money spent on shopping was around $400-$500 including getting liltle gifts for families here and wedding outfits worn in my brothers wedding!!
mystery island from the seas=)
* Mystery Island tripped was a top luck!! someone met my hubby in town..those time share spammers!!! haha we got that mystery Island trip after attending that seminar for 40 mins!! main purpose was two free  round trip tickets and one for my baby gal @ $99...they also picked us from our hotel FOC(free of charge) and to the seminar FOC...dropped us back FOC...minus time share deals!! sorry guys but we are not big fans of time shares just fans of free goodies they have in store for us after the dragging seminar!! okay so that ticket had all sorts of activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and food for frrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee too!! lucky!! i know that night we counted all our lucky stars!!hehe
*Capital City=Suva City we went with my dad and mom, while she was still in fiji for the wedding...she went back to syd one week after the wedding! we visited lotsa places in Suva and spent around $250 on little stuffs like logo shirts, frames of fiji islands, food again=), and some other little things i bought for my friends at work!! All of my in=laws B!day gifts was bought in Fiji!

* Most of the lunches and dinners were done with some relatives who are still in Fiji and at our wonderful friends!!! i have a few still in Fiji and my mom has great friends!!

^^relatives getting fresh coconuts/drinks for us!!^^

* Hotel stay=free(my dad hooked us up at his friends hotel)
baby gal at the hotel pools!
baby gal too tired to change to pjs!!

Wailei thats too much pictures for one posts..i cant help it.. i hope you guys out there had vacations you will cherish forever tooo!!! eel free to shoot any quests that arises in that mind of yours if ur planning ne to iji islands!!! i ws a born babe there=)
so yeah thats about all we did with our one grand and we absolutely had a grand trip!! and we sure did not regret spending those limited $$ as i said it rained every evening after the scotching heat of the day yet we had our share of fun...the day after we left there was one big flood...but nowhere near the one they just had in March 2012!!! i hope all is good there rite now and i also hope m beautiful paradise gets back to buss.soonish....those massive floods were something soooo heartbreaking!!

Thats the spirit my frens!! A true Fijian by heart will never lose dat smile  no matter how  bad d situation gets!!
xoxo luv and prayers and hugs to all of you out there!!!
(picture was shared on facebook by one of my frens)